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April 21, 2012
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Right, well, here's a thing I should have made a while ago! A felimara generator~ well, a sparkle-felimara generator, since really felimara don't naturally come in such bright sparkley colours...

Felimara of course being the demon-looking totally terrifying and not at all kind of dumb but cuddly catmonsters from one of my comics! [link]

Oh yeah. I should warn you. This only makes lady felimara, since their horns are much more fun to draw than males~

I really ought to have done this two years ago when I did the volume with people's felimara characters, heheh. BUT OH WELL HERE WE ARE. now lemme just copy some usage info from my fox generator-

You may post stuff what is made with this generator around the internet, under the following conditions: you must credit me with a link to this generator, you must use the images for yourself - Hey that means NO MAKING ADOPTABLES.
and no no no no no no you cannot sell images from this! I shouldn't even have to write this, I already said you may use this for PERSONAL USE ONLY. ayiyi.
And don't edit out my signature...
If you have a question about the terms of use, ask me.

Also I'd appreciate it if you would drop me a link of wherever you post stuff from this.

because if there's one thing DA needs it's more sparkleX generators/bases where X is a fluffy animal
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